Uniti Counselling Management System

Under development for more than 9 years for the counselling services at University College London (UCL).  Uniti Counselling Management System (Uniti CMS) has now become mature enough to offer the same services to other similar organisations.

'Uniti delivers'

Uniti delivers the automation and the security required by a modern Counselling Service.  Automating labour intensive tasks such as appointment making, tracking client engagement, note taking, internal transfer forms, referral forms, summary forms and client response,  ensuring you deliver on client well being and satisfaction.

'Team Environment'

Uniti is designed specifically around a Counselling Service Team environment, allowing the counselling team members to organise, manage and refer clients accordingly.

'Department Management'

PiechartManagement metrics of all aspects of your department will be at your fingertips, instantly, ensuring a continuous delivery of quality services.  Monthly and annual reports are no longer a chore, but delivered immediately and error free, based entirely on the metrics gathered by the system.


'Ask about your free trial today'

Adopting a new system can be a very difficult process.  We at Uniti aim to reduce any stress and worry by offering a free trial of the Uniti system.  This trial is for three months and is under no oblgation.  You can trial it using test clients, or you can trial it for real.  Either way we are sure you will love Uniti.  If not, just end your trial.  Contact us now.


Uniti is now available on all your devices

Using the latest responsive design techniques and browser detection.  Uniti is now available to be accessed on all of your devices, from your desktop computer to your mobile phone.

responsive designs

Update on the move, out of office.  Keep track of all your appointments and clients.  Deliver a better service.

Pearson College London Pearson College London

Pearson College was founded in 2012, and is the only FTSE 100 company in the UK to design and deliver degrees. The institution is officially separated into two subdivisions - Pearson Business School, which offers business-related degrees and degree apprenticeships, and Escape Studios, a visual effects academy which offers degrees and short courses in the creative arts ranging from VFX to Game Art and Animation

New Collaborative Learning Trust New Collaborative Learning Trust

The NCLT have been a fantastinc addition to the Uniti family of colleges and universities.  They have been major contributers to the system, testing new innovations and returning much needed information on how to improve the work flows of the system.

Latest News

AMOSSHEUniti is taking part in the AMOSSHE event, working with third-party providers?

Find out more about Uniti and what it can offer to your School, College or University as a third-party provider.  More and more pressure is being put on the educational system to provide a high service of support to your students.  Uniti can help you deliver this high quality of service

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How to add a video link for teams or zoom to UnitiHow to add a video link for teams or zoom to your settings?

In today's pandemic of COVID-19 remote counselling by video conferencing is becoming not only popular, but imperative to the smooth running of any counselling or client well-being service.

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GDPRIs GDPR at the bottom of your TODO list?

So, we are about 6 months into the new era of GDPR and you have still not done anything about it. It just sits there as a weight at the bottom of your mind. So what! Counsellors have been GDPR compliant, even before GDPR existed....... or have we?

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GDPRWelcome to Uniti

We are relaunching Uniti on social media.  We have just started up our Facebook and Linkedin pages.  This is a brief intro to what Uniti can do so that you can share it to your friends and colleagues

What can Uniti do for your team....


University of Gloucestershire University of Gloucestershire

The University of Gloucestershire are now using Uniti as their manangement system for their counselling service.  Onboarded in January 2021, the University have now fully embraced our system for the day to day running of their service.

UCL, University College LondonUniversity College London

UCL have been using Uniti since 2010 and have been instrumental in tailoring Uniti to produce a product which has helped change the lives of thousands of students.  Since 2010, Uniti has handled more than 18,000 clients and processed more than 70,000 appointment requests.


University of Cumbria University of Cumbria continue to use Uniti into 2021

It is now more than four years since the University of Cumbria decided to trial Uniti within their University.  After this period, Cumbria has decided to continue using the system and are happy with the services the team here at Uniti are providing.


University of Wales, Trinity Saint David University of Wales, Trinity Saint David.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David onto our free trial of the system.  Using Uniti over the next year, the University will be giving us feedback on how the system is performing and how it is aiding them to be more efficient in their day to day.


City and Islington College City and Islington College

We now have our first Sixth Form College on our list of further education establishments, using Uniti to promote and track the wellbeing of their students.  Although they first used Uniti in 2018, they have just had an upgrade and are now using the system in their 3 site campus using Uniti to manage their day to day appointments.


graphed outcome metrics Online well-being questionnaires

Uniti now allows our users to configure and design online questionnaires.  This allow the application of standard industry recognised questionnaires such as the GAD-7 and the PHQ-9**.   Completion of these questionnaires can be done online and in realtime with the client, instantly recording and displaying the results.  Further information


UCL, Well beingUniti Counselling Management System is now available

We are continuing to actively search for Universities and Colleges who would like to trial for free the Uniti CMS system for their services department.  This is a great opportunity to influence and enhance the development of the application.



** Permission to use these questionnaires must be obtained first.